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Official homepage for Desperate Nightmares from Christ the King, Missouri: a fictional podcast anthology series detailing the often unsettling and unusual stories of the town's citizens, as told by unofficial town historian and octogenarian Willard Fresco.

New nightmares released bi-weekly.

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   2017. Darcy Donovan is hopelessly in love with a man far, far out of her reach. But after an oddly prescient homeless man offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she is thrust into a deadly race against time to find the man she loves...

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Dramatized by Jessica Hatem
Starring Liz Ann Rimar, Michael Citriniti, E. James Ford,
Beth Heidere, Sadie Kay, Jay Reed & Jesse Hae Hoon Eisenberg


   1993. What makes a family? Gavin and his expectant companion Bronwen learn the hard way after a freak car accident leaves them at the mercy of a volatile, sadistic truck driver.

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Dramatized by Nick Heathcote
Starring Bennett Clarkson, Annie-Sage Whitehurst
Owen Powell & Beth Heidere


   1983. When 16-year-old Sally Summerisle saves a talking wolf from a gang of irate farmers, she thinks she's found a furry friend for life. But as the townsfolk warm up to the beast, Sally soon learns that the deceptively charming Mr. Wolf is all talk...

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Dramatized by Michael Bontatibus
Starring Sophie Gunilla-Larsen, Dan Theyer
Josh Gregory, Drew Richardson, Nik Duggan,
Nina Mozes, Ayla Combes, Rives Elliot
& Michael Citriniti

4 | "DOG MEAT"

   1921. Titus and his Uncle Marcus escape a chain gang yoked to a dead man. As hunger eats at them, one makes a hasty, tasty decision that will haunt them forever.

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Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Dante Jeanfelix, Emerson Gordon
George Harrington Butts, Jason Zwick
& Taietsarónsere LeClaire


   1917. Cassius King is the sole purveyor of the Sugar Melon Theatre, a local libation destination where spirits run high, but never dry. But when a tee-totaling cleric sets his sights on its destruction, it's up to Cassius to save his life's work.

Dramatized by Nathan Dennis
Starring George Harrington Butts, Nik Duggan,
Michael Citriniti, Sadie Kay, Daniela Risman,
Eddie Bean & Nathan Dennis

Music by Eddie Bean


   1937. When world champion boxer Duke Belfort returns home to marry his sweetheart, everyone is as happy as can be... everyone, that is, but Mabel Collins, beloved proprietress of Christ The King's favorite barbecue joint. If only Duke could hide their past as well as Mabel hides her secret recipe...

Dramatized by Jack Healy
Starring Sam Lassiter, Mat Labotka,
Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Jason Zwick,
& Jonathan Dauermann


   2010. When all else fails, lovestruck teenager Melly Aimée decides the best way to her crush's heart is through his stomach. So what if she attempts to rig the game of love with a mysterious secret ingredient?

Dramatized by Fran Da Silveira
Starring Jay Reed, Dan Theyer, Heather Ann Petersen,
Lauren Dortch-Crozier, Jeff House, & Rives Elliot


   1859. When Dr. Bishop is called to Easton Manor to diagnose a deeply troubled patient, he finds himself ensnared in a ghostly plot of love and deceit that can only be resolved beyond the grave...

Dramatized by Audrey Harris
Starring Jonathan Dauermann, Alyssa Abraham,
Dan Theyer, Liz Ann Rimar & Justin Phillips


   1968. In order to come to grips with the mysterious loss of their 3-year-old son, a young couple hires a ventriloquist of dubious origins to take his place. Will this replacement bring their family together or tear it apart to tiny shreds?

Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Bennett Clarkson, Ayla Combes, E. James Ford,
Sam Lassiter, Roberto Sanabria & Diane Elliot


   1962. It's opening day at Camp Paradise, Christ The King's premiere nudist colony, and not a thing is in place. Will camp owner Liberty Floodwell be able to rally her staff in time? Or will the murderer in their midst cause too much of a distraction?

Dramatized by Rives Elliot & Sadie Kay
Starring Sadie Kay, Deirdre Dempsey-Rush, Jon Friestedt,
Michael Citriniti, Bennett Clarkson & Rives Elliot


   2016. The thrilling conclusion to the torrid tale of one small medium's large quest for redemption.

Dramatized by Jack Healy
Starring Tallie Gabriel, Matt Davis,
E. James Ford, Rives Elliot, Biniam Tekola,
Sam Lassiter & Drew Richardson


   2018. In the world of independently-run bed and breakfasts, Barnaby and Willow Radcliffe soon discover that if you wanna make a buck, you’ve gotta get a gimmick. Series finale. Taped in front of a live studio audience.

Dramatized by Gabrielle Lenhard
Starring Katie Hartman, Andrew Dahreddine,
Lorena Monagas, Josh Gregory,
Nina Mozes & Rives Elliot

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1 | "shadows on the wall"

   1986. When the precocious Savannah Beaver-Badger discovers a dark prophecy hidden in Christ The King’s town hymn, she embarks on a one-woman crusade to stop her church from unknowingly fulfilling it.

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Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Jenny Jarnagin, Phil Feldman, Nancy Marlowe Gordon,
Jeff House, Michael Citriniti, Sophie Gunilla Larsen & Jack Healy

2 | "Fetal recall"

   1997. While toiling away in a corporate retail wasteland, the newly pregnant Colleen Collins discovers a peculiar scent coming off of the Furbabies™ in the clearance aisle. Are her heightened senses confused? Or is there something much more sinister afoot?

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Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Beth Heidere, Jay Reed, Joshua Gregory,
Josh Brown, Nathan Dennis, Rives Elliot & Jack Healy


   2016. Christ the King Tech student Timothy Parnell just can't seem to catch a break—that is, until he is introduced to a new artificial intelligence device that promises to change nearly every facet of his life for the better. Timothy's luck certainly improves, but at what cost?

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Dramatized by Jack Healy
Starring Justin Phillips, Kyra Bowie, Allan Hayhurst,
George Harrington Butts & Michael Huntsman

4 | "ENTITY"

   2003. With a dangerous life form on the loose, Benjamin Castle holes up in the basement with his alcoholic father, Walter. But as old family secrets come to light, the two realize that what’s inside the basement may prove more dangerous than what’s outside. Can the Castles survive the night... and each other?

Also available on iTunes.

Dramatized by Nicholas Heathcote
Starring Joey LePage, Owen Powell,
Melissa Powers & Nicholas Heathcote


   1956. When disgruntled and repressed housewife Judy Brown discovers the television program "Queen for a Day," she slowly becomes obsessed and ultimately decides that she herself wants to be crowned queen... at any cost. But just how far is she willing to go in order to claim her title?

Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Sadie Kay, Chase Anderson, Sam Lassiter,
Liz Anne Rimar & Drew Richardson


   1978. When eccentric artist Luca Zigmundo is commissioned to paint a mural for the new student chapel at St. Mother Mary's, the arrangement initially seems ideal. But once his daughter begins to drift away from him, he begins to lose his grip on reality. Will he be able to complete the mural before it drives him insane?

Dramatized by Rives Elliot
Starring Arrington de Dionyso, Lauren Dortch-Crozier,
Sydney Farley, Justin Anselmi, & Jack Healy


   2015. When Helen, an aspiring clickbait writer, returns to her hometown of Timucua Beach, Florida, she discovers that everything is much more expensive than it used to be—including her beachfront dream home. With a little help, she hatches a risky plan to take down the gentrifiers responsible. Will her pipe dream scheme suceed? Or will gentrification win again?

Dramatized by Nathan Dennis
Starring Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Roberto Sanabria,
Liz Anne Rimar, Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg,
Jay Reed, Nathan Dennis & Rives Elliot

8 | "blonde psychic mysteries: vol. 1 pt. 1"

   2016. When town psychic Kassey Blakely's radio show gets put on hiatus, she thinks her life can't get any worse. Then she discovers the dead body of a young woman at the bottom of Lake Lancaster. She sets out on the killer's trail, determined to redeem herself, but soon finds that the path to justice is much more mysterious than she ever could have expected. Season finale.

Dramatized by Jack Healy
Starring Tallie Gabriel, E. James Ford,
Matt Davis, Biniam Tekola, Sam Lassiter,
Rives Elliot & Drew Richardson


   2015. Susye Bluebell's lackluster life in Liberal township has left her discontent with domesticity. But when a casual trip to the neighbors' leads her into a mysterious underground tunnel, Susye finds she must confront what lies beneath the surface of her emotions... and her hometown.

Dramatized by Gabrielle Lenhard
Starring Liz Anne Rimar, Ryan Gaffney, Aly Byatt,
Justin Anselmi & Andrew Dahreddine

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