from Christ the King, Missouri

Official homepage for Desperate Nightmares from Christ the King, Missouri: a fictional podcast anthology series detailing the often unsettling and unusual stories of the town's citizens, as told by unofficial town historian and octogenarian Willard Fresco.

Welcome, friends, to Christ the King...

    a place of dread and suffering.

      Forged in terror and filled with fears,

        hopeless daydreams

          and desperate nightmares.

Join Christ the King's unofficial historian and octogenarian Willard Fresco as he chronicles the madness of the human soul in Desperate Nightmares, a podcast series produced by Christ the King Productions.

Each episode features a 100 percent honest, genuine American, swear-on-the-Sinners' Bible true story from the town's colorful past, dramatized for your entertainment pleasure.*

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Christ the King Productions ® 2016
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